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Every animal is special, and just like people, they are all different.
We never quite know what will happen at a photo shoot, because your beloved pet won't know they are at a photo shoot!
As far as they are concerned, they are having a fun time out, as well as being asked to sit or drop or fetch occasionally.
They all want to please, and generally they love all the attention (as well as the treats), but sometimes they can get a bit 'sick of it'!
We just have to play that by ear.
That's why it's important that we meet up before hand if at all possible.
It's a chance for us all to get comfortable with each other, so that when the photo session does come around, it's all about having fun :-)
Thinking about the different ages and stages, I have developed a couple of different sessions, as outlined below.
THE FREEBIE - our first meeting:
  • An initial consultation, preferably in person at a venue that we agree on.
  • It's a chance for us to meet each other, and for you and your pet to 'get to know me'.
  • We'll have an informal chat about what you are looking to get out of your photo session, and the likely costs of the final product.
  • We'll decide on the type of session that best suits your needs.
  • We'll work out a venue that suits, as well as a date and time.
  • Payment for the photo session, once booked, is required prior to the agreed date of the photo session.
  • Ideal for pets that are less active - for example: older dogs/cats
  • Also suitable for pets with a short attention span - for example: young pups/kittens
  • Duration of camera time would be approximately 30 - 45mins.
  • Cost: $60.00
  • By far the most popular, and suits most situations.
  • Duration of camera time would be approximately 60 - 90 minutes, depending on the enthusiasm of the model.
  • Shots include portraits, action, and can also include a person or two to show the magical bond you share.
  • The number of photos taken can be small or big, depending (again) on the co-operation of the model(s).
  • Cost: $95.00
  • For those 'busy' animals, that have lives that take them in different directions.
  • Ideal for dogs that do agility, obedience, field trials or visit rest homes etc…..
  • This session includes two sessions at different times, and at two different locations.
  • The first is as per the MIDI session (above), and the second is to capture the other part of your pets life.
  • The timing at the second location will depend on the event and the models level of involvement.
  • Cost: $180.00
PURCHASING SESSION - our third meeting:
  • Since our second meeting, I will have been busy editing your photos for your viewing.
  • At the investment session, we will recap your initial goals, and look at a selection of edited photos from your photo session.
  • This session is where you choose your favorites, and decide on sizes and formats.
  • This is when you place your order.
DELIVERY/PICK_UP - our fourth meeting:
  • Your products are ready, to be either picked up from my studio or delivered to your door.