Hi there! Lynda here. Thanks for stopping by.

It would come as no surprise to hear that animals are my passion, and have been for as long as I can remember.

When photography came into my life about 10 years ago, that also became all consuming! A good friend suggested I should combine the two and become a pet photographer. What a good idea! It took some time, but has proved to be a perfect match, and a combination that makes everyday rewarding.

The best thing that I've discovered about being a pet photographer is that everybody I meet has 'the best dog in the world'.  Absolutely correct!  They all have a unique role to play in our lives, with their special personalities building the strings that bond them to our hearts. Capturing moments that reflect that bond, and 'specialness', is what I love to do.

I am honoured to be regularly asked to photograph the Assistance Dogs for ADNZ. These dogs are bred for their natures, and are trained to be skilled helpers to a range of disabilities. As their photographer, I get to see these dogs grow from puppy hood, through their training and then settled into their families where their special skill set is put to use. Its a very rewarding role, and one that is very important to me.

Having loved all our own family pets along the way, I am very grateful that I am able to reflect on the special part that they each played in our family life, the bonds they had with each person, and of course their own unique personalities. Not only in my mind, but with tangible images that I can hold in my hand, or look at on my wall.

Let me help you capture the essence of your own love.  To ensure their memory, and their place in your heart, is remembered for longer than a lifetime.

Thanks for reading 'About Me'. But it's not really about me……it's about you and your own furry friends.

I hope to meet you and your furry friends soon.